Technology Business Incubator and International Business Development 
Outsourced Business Development, Support and Consulting Services
Boon International provides Business Development and Technology Business Incubation services as a consultant, agent and outsourced contractor in ICT (Information Communication Technology) and Clean Energy sector. We also offer an innovative business support services specialized in North America market entry for International businesses.

Business Development Specialist and Outsourced Service Contractor
Boon International is a specialized marketer, distributor and reseller for winning products and services in  mobile and computer businesses. Boon is also a business development consultant for Uranium and Rare Earth Mining Exploration company. We are able to provide services to suit your needs. It is important to have flexible and reliable support services out-sourced during development stages or having most economical and efficient manner to achieve a business success. We are a group of experts in business developments, marketing, sales and management. Headquarters of Boon International Corp. is located in Toronto, Canada.
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Entering North American Market - First Step:
Your Business Address, Phone and Fax numbers
Boon International Corp. supports International companies to enter North American market. First step is to establish a base by having your business address in US or Canada. In our age of global economy, e-commerce and Internet-based businesses are flourishing. Having a tangible form of presence such as your branch office or a representative would help boost your company's marketing strength. We provide you with your own business location address (not P.O. Box) for your North American operations and associated support services (optional) from basic to full branch office operations. Find out more..