Boon International Corp. 
Business Development Services
    Service Agreement between Boon International Corp. and the customer
     This agreement is to provide the business support services offered by Boon International Corp. (hereafter “Boon”) to the customer , its name and address on Schedule A of this agreement. The customer understands that the boon’s services and facilities may not be used for any illegal or illegitimate purposes prohibited by the Canada Post Corporation Act or the regulations thereafter. The customer further agrees to use Boon’s services in conformity with all applicable Federal, Provincial, and local laws.

    Boon shall act as agent on behalf of the customer only for the receipt of mail and parcels delivered to the Boon’s designated address listed for the customer and forward them to the customer’s designated address. Boon shall handle incoming phone calls and fax messages based on the customer’s instruction.

     Any and all required information provided by the customer to Boon on Schedule “A” of this agreement, and which is attached hereto, is confidential and will not be disclosed except when legally compelled or required.

    Initial Registration and setup Fee is due at the time of registration. Boon’s subscription based service fees are all due and payable at least quarterly in advance. The customer may choose to pay online at Boon’s Web site: or may request to send PayPal Invoice by Email which is required to pay online through Email received. There will be no prorating or refunds for cancellation of Registration and any service fees. Accounts are delinquent after the due date and all services will be held pending payment. Service may be terminated at the option of Boon thirty (30) days after the due date.   

    The customer further agrees that Boon may terminate or cancel this agreement for good cause at any time by providing the written notice. Good cause shall include, but not limited to: 1) use for criminal, illegal, or illegitimate activity; 2) failure to pay money owed Boon; 3) non-performance of terms of this agreement. Renewal of this agreement for additional terms will be automatically granted and its payment request will be sent to the customer. Should the customer choose not to renew the agreement, the customer is required to notify for cancellation within seven (7) days from the receipt of renewal Payment request. 

    C.O.D. items will be accepted only if prior arrangement has been made and payment in advance is received at least seven (7) days ahead of receipt of C.O.D. items. The customer further agrees to protect, indemnify, and save harmless Boon from and against any all claims, demands, and causes of personal injury or property damage arising from such use or possessions; for failure of Canada Post to deliver any items including mail and parcels on time or otherwise; for damage to or loss of receipt items by any cause whatsoever; and for any violation by the customer of applicable Federal, Provincial, or local laws.

    The customer agrees that Boon who is acting as the customer’s agent, only for the receipt of mail, registered documents, and parcels from Canada Post and other couriers, and for other subscribed services may sign for such items including registered mail, on behalf customer. In the event that the customer shall refuse to accept any such mail, the customer agrees to pay the cost of postage and any and all fees associated with such refusal and return. Any other special instructions to Boon shall be described in Schedule “A”.

    The customer herein agrees that the total liability of Boon for any and all claims is limited to $50.00 regardless of the nature of the claim.

    Boon International Corp. enters into this agreement by acceptance of this agreement by customer below; 

    Exhibit "A"