Essential Business Support Services:
We provide business support services for international companies to enter North American market. For the first step, we provide your business location address, Telephone, Fax numbers and basic support services such as mail forward and hadling phone calls, etc.   

1) Business Location Address and Basic Service:  Provides your business address and mail forward service is included (Cost of shipping is extra). We also provide our business service center Telephone and Fax numbers for your use. 

2) Your own Telephone and Fax numbers (optional): Subscription of  your own Telephone number and/or  Fax number with message forwards to your designated Email address.  

3) Basic office services (optional): Any basic administrative office support services such as phone answering,  message handlings, mail processes etc.

4) Liaison Office Representative Service 
5) Consulating Services  
6) Agent Services 

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Service Agreement NOW 

1) Registration and Set-up Fee (One time):    $185.00
The initial set-up process fee.

2) Business Address and Basic Service Fee:    $99.00 per Month
Quarterly payment is required* ($297.00). Provided Business Address, Telephone number and Fax number (Common numbers of our Business Center) that you may use them as your number.

3) Your own Telephone Number:                     $14.00 per Month 
Semi-Annual payment is required* ($84.00).
Subscription Fee for your own Telephone number with email forward of voice messages to your designated email address. 

4) Your own Fax Number:                                 $14.00 per Month 
Semi-Annual payment is required* ($84.00).
Subscription Fee for your own Fax number with email forward of Fax messages received to your designated email address. 

** Please note Quarterly and Semi-Annual payments above may be arranged for shorter intervals by PayPal Invoice.
5) Basic Administrative services:                         $35.00 per Hour
On request basis for office services such as handling of mail, phone calls, etc. Billed by PayPal Invoice.

6) Other Services: Please inquire